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BoatFinancingGuide.com was born boat loan made easyout of a need for clear and helpful information regarding getting financed for used boats. With a myriad of information available, there was simply not a one-stop-shop to have all financing questions answered. This problem led to the creation of the website which continues to grow and help thousands of boaters achieve their ultimate goal of owning a boat!


What started as a small informational website quickly has grown into one of the largest boat financing information hubs available today. The information found on this site is purely informational and is updated as frequently as possible with current rates and averages. With an expanding user base and thousands of questions answered, Boat Financing Guide is a great place to get started on your boat financing journey.

Today and Moving Forward

While Boat Financing Guide does not offer financing itself, the current growth track will push it in this direction very soon. Serving as a resource for boat buyers is our goal and we will continue to provide top notch information for our readers.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about boat financing, please use the contact form found on the contact page. We look forward to growing and working with you!